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Kim Kardashian and her Lack of Dress Sense



Kim Kardashian was once again mocked for her 4th July outfit

Kim Kardashian faced mockery from fans over her 4th of July outfit, with some calling it a “white diaper.”

While celebrating at Michael Rubin’s party, Kim wore a controversial white dress that sparked debate among fans and critics.

The dress, featuring draping and cut-outs, ignited an uproar on Reddit and X, with one critic joking that the mother-of-four looked like she was wearing a “White Diaper.”

Another commenter weighed in, saying, “At first glance, it looks like another flop,” as reported by The Mirror.

It is pertinent to mention that a third person chimed in with criticism about the outfit, saying, “This makes her look pregnant and I know she’s not the draping is so weird,” while another added their opinion, “Maybe it’s that time of the month or she ate something, but the draping is weird.”

Concurrently, a Reddit poster asserted that there was a “ban” on social media users sharing party photos.

The user penned, “It’s no surprise, considering Kim and her crew of ‘all-natural beauties’ likely didn’t want their unfiltered faces and bodies exposed to the world after last year’s fiasco.”

Moreover, fans questioned why the reality star was in every picture, criticizing Kim for making her 40th birthday homage to her sister Khloe only about herself.

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