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Patrick Mahomes mischievously reveals if he’ll have a third child soon: More rings, more kids?



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Mahomes already has two children with his wife, Brittany

Life has come very quickly for Patrick Mahomes. He is a three-time Super Bowl winner and he has two children with his high-school sweetheart, now wife, Brittany.

However, questions are still asked of the Kansas City Chiefs icon on a daily basis, be they personal or professional ones.

Yet, Patrick Mahomes finally addressed a highly anticipated question from his fans: Will he and his wife, Brittany, expand their family in the near future?

Does Patrick Mahomes want more children?
For a long time, the Mahomes couple has responded to this question with a non-committal answer.

“We are not sure,” he has often replied.

However, Mahomes recently hinted at his changed plans during a July 3 episode of Riggle’s Picks. Speaking with hosts Rob Riggle and Darren Leader,Mahomes shared his excitement about a delayed Europe trip due to the arrival of his children, giving insight into his family’s future.

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Mahomes mentioned that the Europe trip had been planned before Covid-19, but the arrival of his two children led to its postponement.

“That trip was planned right before Covid, and then I had back-to-back kids, so I haven’t got to get back over there, and now it’s the time to go,” Mahomes declared.

Now, Mahomes is finally on the trip with Brittany and their kids, spending about three and a half weeks there.

When the hosts appreciated his achievements by saying, “He has back-to-back kids, back-to-back rings,” Mahomes had a rather humorous retort.

“Maybe we got a few more kids, a few more rings, you know whatever,” he joked.

Patrick Mahomes mischievously reveals if he'll have a third child soon: More rings, more kids?

This playful comment suggested that Mahomes might be open to having more children in the future.

Does Brittany Mahomes want more children?
In August 2023, Brittany Mahomes addressed fan questions on Instagram about expanding their family.

When asked if she wanted more children after Bronze, she was hardly convincing in her endorsement of more Mahomes babies.

“There are a lot of these…lol. We aren’t sure honestly! Part of me says yes, part of me says ehhhh maybe not,” she said

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