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Patrick Mahomes’ sister tries her hand at golf as she looks to carve out her own path



Patrick Mahomes sister tries her hand at golf as she looks to carve out her own path

Mahomes family have been partaking in many activities during NFL offseason

The Mahomes family will always be of interest to sports fans, especially with them engaging in alternative sporting activities during the offseason.

Patrick Mahomes has been very active during his time away from the NFL, spending time with his family and taking part in a number of activities

The latest sport to capture the imagination of the family appears to be golf, with Patrick Mahomes’ sister taking the time to try her hand at the sport which requires a lot of patience and dedication.

Where does Patrick Mahomes’ passion for golf come from?
Patrick Mahomes has become known not only for his incredible skills on the football field but also for his growing enthusiasm for golf.

Inspired by Michael Jordan, whose competitive fire didn’t stop on the basketball court, Mahomes has found a new passion in golf. Jordan, often seen on the golf course, has described golf as “the hardest game to play,” a sentiment that has fueled Mahomes’ own dedication to the sport.

In his downtime, Mahomes is frequently spotted at various golf courses, honing his skills and enjoying the challenge.

The golf fever seems to be spreading within the Mahomes family. Zoe Mahomes, a dedicated soccer player, recently posted an Instagram story of herself teeing off at Topgolf.

While she might be just having fun, it’s evident that she’s catching the golf fever, likely influenced by her brother Patrick’s enthusiasm for the game. Zoe’s foray into golf adds a new dimension to the family’s athletic pursuits, showcasing their versatility and love for sports.

The Mahomes family’s growing interest in golf mirrors the wider trend of athletes from various sports embracing golf as a hobby. Michael Jordan’s influence on Patrick Mahomes underscores the impact that legendary athletes can have on younger generations.

A potential sibling golf rivalry?

With Zoe Mahomes now taking an interest in golf, one can’t help but wonder if a sibling rivalry might develop on the greens.

Patrick’s competitive nature and dedication to improving his golf game could motivate Zoe to pursue the sport more seriously. Whether it’s friendly competition or just a shared hobby, the Mahomes siblings are likely to be seen together on the golf course, adding to their dynamic and athletic family profile.

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