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Patrick Mahomes Snubbed by his new backup quarterback



Patrick Mahomes Snubbed by his new backup quarterback

Mahomes’ new #2 has one of the more complex roles in sports

How do you help someone who doesn’t seem to need it? New Chiefs quarterback Carson Wentz is about to find out.

Wentz has joined Kansas City as superstar signal-caller Patrick Mahomes’ new backup. Wentz was once a second overall draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles, but a slew of injuries and inconsistent performances have seen the 31-year-old enter his so-called “backup era” as an NFL quarterback. It can be a difficult role, especially when the #1 is someone as decorated at Mahomes. But in a new interview, Wentz has said he is going to do what he can to help the Chiefs achieve a historic three-peat.

Wentz is embracing the challenge

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Speaking to ESPN, Wentz — who joined Kansas City on a one-year deal in April — said he wants to help and support Mahomes “whatever way (he) can” on or off the field. Mahomes has fostered a reputation as an elite leader and a good teammate in his relatively-short NFL career, but the NFL season can take many twists and turns — and the two signal-callers will need to lean on one another at some point.

“We’re only in here a handful of hours every day and a couple days a week and it’s not quite the grind that it will be,” Wentz said. “So that’ll keep evolving and kind of how I find my place, so to speak. But Pat and I already have a great relationship and that’ll keep growing and I’ll keep finding ways I can help.”

Patrick Mahomes Snubbed by his new backup quarterback

Mahomes, a three-time Super Bowl champion and a two-time league MVP, could have more to teach Wentz than the other way around. After all, Wentz is on a short-term deal, and you never know when another team could be in need of a short-term “bridge quarterback” to start some games — or if Kansas City will need someone to replace Mahomes in 2024, should he suffer an injury.

Working with someone as accomplished as Mahomes could, in effect, revive the former Pro Bowler Wentz’s career.

“I’m trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can, formulate a relationship with all these guys and just keep getting better on the field,” Wentz said. “You’ve got to always be ready to go when called upon.”

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