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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelcce Prove to the World that Love has no Price



Travis Kelce keeps fans in suspense on joining Taylor Swift on stage

The couple spent time together in Europe until Travis’ return to the US this week

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce don’t even think about the big bucks anymore, as they prove that love has no price despite reportedly spending $100,000 a day together at times.

According to Life & Style, the superstar couple aren’t afraid to treat each other out on lavish dates and with romantic gestures and gifts, as they are soon to approach the one-year mark of their relationship.

Travis and Taylor, both 34, started dating in the summer of 2023 although the exact date of the start of their relationship remains unclear.

‘Taylor and Travis have become international jetsetters and their extravagant spending is off the charts,’ a source told the magazine.

‘The multiple bodyguards, the private jets, the deluxe hotel rooms, plus the romantic gestures they’re both known for probably makes them the most excessively spending couple in the world. It’s pretty extreme.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelcce Prove to the World that Love has no Price

Swift linked up with her tight end boyfriend at Chiefs games last season, attending 13 overall

Travis and Taylor were both in Europe together for the first half of this summer, as the Chiefs star joined his popstar girlfriend on several stops of her ‘Eras’ Tour, such as London, Dublin and Amsterdam, where the couple met up with both Patrick and Brittany Mahomes over Fourth of July weekend.

Taylor also showed devotion to her tight end boyfriend by attending 13 Chiefs games last season. She even traveled from Tokyo to Las Vegas on her private jet in February to be there for her beau at the Super Bowl.

‘Travis spares no expense in making sure he travels in class when he flies to [Taylor’s] concerts all over the world,’ Life & Style’s exclusive source continued.

‘Since they met, they’ve both spent over a million dollars on private jets. She even fills the jet with his favorite things like Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque, seafood Alfredo and Coca Cola. She wants him happy and satisfied.’

The couple also hired ‘over 20 bodyguards who get paid over a thousand dollars a day,’ and Travis is not afraid ‘to lavish Taylor with things she loves.’

‘He’ll spend thousands a day on filling her dressing room with her favorite flowers, orchids and hydrangeas,’ Life & Style’s exclusive source said.

Despite regularly splashing the cash on each other, the magazine’s source says that ‘Taylor and Travis don’t even think about the money they’re spending.

‘They like to be comfortable and express their love for each other and this is how they do it,’ the insider added.

Meanwhile, Travis recently revealed the eye-popping cost of Taylor’s suite at the Super Bowl earlier this year, telling San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle in a Netflix docuseries that rooms were going for ‘f***ing three million dollars.’

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